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Rick's Latest Projects


Advocate Tuesday is intended to bring news and discussion on the topic of Mental Health.  Rick brings many years of employment in the field of, and lived experience in, mental health.  You'll find articles, video updates, and resources. 



The Canada Podcast brings listeners weekly Canadian stories of people, places and events.  Check-in weekly to hear the latest that Rick has to offer.

Rick has always been a big, linebacker type guy.  As he hits his fifties, he finds himself 100+ lbs overweight, and is currently on 15 (YES FIFTEEN) prescription medications,  He's enjoying success with Weight Watchers and walking lots!



The Dynamic Duo


Rick Couchman, Owner

Rick is a hunky guy - oops - make that a chunky guy, working in his Cambridge, ON home office alongside his pal Murphy, who is V.P. of Kibble and Tummy Rubs. 

With a long, successful history of working in social services (15 yrs) and communications (15 yrs), Rick is now self-employed, specializing in online communications.  He also is an advocate for Mental Health, with a dozen + years of lived experience.

Rick is married to Sherry and has two awesome 20-something kids.


Murphy, VP of Tummy Rubs

Murphy has been with Rick since July.  He's a mix of golden retriever and black lab, born May 5, 2020. 

He's cocky and full of energy, when not sprawled out on the office floor, with a big ole bone in front of him.

Murphy runs the fax machine, returns calls, and ruins Rick's good leather shoes. And he LOVES long walks on the beach (and forest, sidewalks, pretty much anywhere.)