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Rick Couchman

Rick is freelance online communications professional, based in Cambridge, ON, Canada

My Ongoing Projects!

Toronto Maple Leafs hockey fans love what brings them throughout the day.  It’s a place to hang out, to discuss hockey not just in Toronto, but the NHL as well, and to find the latest news and views.

Online contests.  That’s what brings you.  Daily links to all imaginal contests that Canadians can enter and win.  We’ll also share tips on how to increase your odds for winning.

Rick Couchman has long had an interest in homelessness, addictions, and mental health.  At, you’ll get the latest news and opinions of issues surrounding Canadians who have been travelling a rough road.

The Dynamic Team!

Rick has long been lucky enough to work in several career fields.  He’s been a hockey reporter covering the Maple Leafs, a communications specialist, and a social services manager with Canada’s hard-to-serve population.

Rick Couchman

Chief, Cook and Bottle Washer

Cooper came into Rick’s life as a puppy in 2018.  He’s a labradoodle – part lab and part poodle.  He’s smart, loyal, and is Rick’s constant companion.  If we could only train him to fetch coffee each morning…

Sir Anderson Cooper

VP of Treats and Tummy Rubs


If you need a social online presence created, and/or need a website hosted on a fast, dependable server, why not send Rick a quick note to ask what he could do for you. 

Contact Rick Couchman

113 Thomas St,
Cambridge, ON, Canada
N3C 3C6

(519) 242-3335

rick @ rickcouchman dot com